Monday, June 26, 2017

Man the Barricades 2

I love writing captions from the perspective of someone who isn't aware of the transformed character's transformation (or possession or body swap or whatever).  Imagine overhearing a conversation like this.


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Sunday, June 25, 2017

From the Outside

Titles are always difficult for me.  I wasn't happy with the title for this caption until I realized there were several layers of potential meaning to it: the caption is about Brandon coming into the celebrity world from the outside; it's about entering a body from the outside;  it's about Brandon getting to see his convulsions from the outside, and it's about how they look to the rest of the world from the outside.

Sometimes I stumble across the perfect title quite by accident.


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Man the Barricades 1

This is not an uplifting series.  I don't want to say more, for far of spoiling the story, but I feel like that much of a warning is due.

The July Revolution and the June Rebellion are real historical events; the latter is the setting for Les Miserables, which is also, not coincidentally, the source of the images I use for this series.  The September Uprising, however, is my own invention.  I tried building this series around the July Revolution, the June Uprising, and even the French Revolution, but I couldn't make it work; I needed my own historical event.


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Friday, June 23, 2017

Humans of the Great Shit - Ray

I was worried people wouldn't like these "Humans of the Great Shift" captions, but people seem to be enjoying them.  Sometimes they actually get more views than my regular captions.  They definitely help ease the pressure on me a bit, too.  So, while I may eventually get bored of them, for the foreseeable future, I'm going to keep writing them


Diary - My Name Is Heather

I've slipped up a few times and called my cousin Crystal "Heather".  It's been tough to get used to the fact that Heather's my name now, not hers.

I've also given people the female name I've chosen for myself... though I've never given them my male name.  I stopped identifying with that a long time ago.

Here's the caption where I mentioned Crystal.

And this is the site I used to find out exactly how many Heathers there are in the United States. There were way more than I'd expected. :)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Noob - 437 Years Later 3

Bit of a bummer that Evan and Paul are no longer together, I know... but I have trouble imagining that a couple could stay together for 437 years.  My parents divorced a few years ago, so maybe I'm a bit jaded... but 437 is an almost incomprehensibly long time.  I really do think that, facing immortality, elves would develop the kind of serial monogamy I've described here rather than attempting to marry for life.

But don't worry.  Evan and Paul are still friends. :)

These 437 Years Later captions pose an interesting challenge.  It's hard to imagine how the human psyche would evolve after 450+ years of being alive.

Anyway... I hope everyone enjoyed this little coda to The Noob. :)  Be sure to come back on Saturday for my next series, a Chrono Corps adventure called Man the Barricade!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Trading Up

I don't know whether this is a body swap or a possession, so I'm just going to mark it as both, lol.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Noob 437 Years Later 2

Naraya and Zaraya were the biggest loose thread from The Noob that I felt I needed to address.  While I would love to write an enormous epic series about the consequences of a war between the goddesses of life and death, it would have been a difficult story to tell through captions... so this will have to do.

You'll have noticed that Evan has adopted female pronouns, by the way.  I used female pronouns for the protagonist of "437 Years Later" as well.  The idea is that, at a certain point, a man would get used to being a female body and adopt an appropriate gender identity.  I actually don't think this is true; personal experience tells me that gender identity is fixed at birth.  But it makes for a good story convention.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Noob - 437 Years Later 1

As I posted The Noob, I realized there were a few loose ends I wanted to wrap up, so I decided to write an epilogue addressing some of those dangling story threads.  This is set in the same sub-universe as 437 Years Later, a set of captions that explore how the world of Arlayne evolves in the centuries after Patch 19 drags a few million players into the world.

I have a few ideas for the 437 Years Later concept, so expect to see a few more of these in the future.

And for now, I hope you enjoy this little visit with Evan! :)

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