Friday, July 22, 2016

Long Live the Queen 22 and 23

We're transitioning from act two to act three now; the pace of this story is about to pick up dramatically.  We're almost there, folks.

(Suddenly wishing I'd layered in the idea of the breeze earlier in the story.  Note to self for the next time I try something like this.)

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  1. Hey i was just wandering when the next part of LotDT is coming out

    1. LotDT is a universe, like the Great Shift or Altered Fates, rather than a series, like Long Live the Queen or Beat the Heat; as such, there's no set schedule for when I release LotDT caps. That said, I've already written several LotDT caps, and I have a bunch more planned, so lots more are definitely coming. :)

      I'll post a LotDT cap later today... unless I forget, which is entirely possible, given my shoddy memory, lol.

  2. Well, the romance just got squished. I wonder can Maria go back to the future and then return in another man's body?