Friday, July 8, 2016

Long Live the Queen 9

Parts 7 and 8
Parts 5 and 6
Parts 3 and 4
Parts 1 and 2

Some thoughts on these captions after the jump break. 

These caps hurt a little.

These three captions were originally one single caption.  Of the many captions I've made so far, it was one of my favorites; I love the way the layout and the pictures work together to tell a story.  At the beginning, Dave is hesitant; by the end, he's deeply comfortable with in his skin and his role as Sophie.  In the last two images, Dave and Maria gaze at each other from across the caption while the text talks about them gazing at each other across the room.  Meanwhile, the text dances around the images just like Dave is dancing around the room.  I was in love with this caption when I made it.

There was just one problem: as it was, it was pretty much unreadable.  Because it's a huge image with reams of text, and a very, very long one from top to bottom.

Right now I'm focused on making my captions more readable, so I decided a few days ago to break this into three separate captions.  It was easy to figure out how to break it up, since there are essentially three stages in the story: Dave hesitating while his ladies gush about the dance; Dave dancing and losing himself in his role as Sophie; and Maria realizing she's falling in love with Dave.  And I'm still pretty happy with the three captions I ended up with; it was just hard to let go of the original caption.

I've included the original below, if anyone's interested in seeing it.  The text and pictures are identical to what's in the above captions, though, so if you're not interested, you won't be missing anything by not checking out the original caption.

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  1. Very nice continuation of the story. Do I sense a romance between a guard Captain and a Princess? lol