Friday, July 15, 2016

On Chainmail Bikinis

I'm having a lot of fun writing Legends of the Dark Tower captions.  It may be my favorite universe at the moment.  I play too many video games; it's fun to riff on the tropes of video games, MMORPGs, and fantasy fiction. :)

Also, you'll notice I tagged this with "permanent".  The players don't know yet that they're stuck in Legends of the Dark Tower forever, so I can't really address it in the captions, but yeah... this is a permanent situation for them.

I've written a caption that deals with the ultimate fate of the players, but I'm not ready to post it yet.


  1. Now that i read this series Ironically it's the same premise of one my requests in terms of how they got in the game,huh sweet

    1. It's very similar, yes. I assumed you'd read my other Legends of the Dark Tower cap, Patch 19 (, and that's why you were asking about video game captions. If you haven't read Patch 19, you should check it out. And hopefully these LotDT captions will be a decent substitute for the caps you wanted. :)

      By the way, you mentioned Jessica Nigri in your request; I'm using her for the caption I mention here, the one that explains what ultimately happens to the players who get trapped in LotDT. It may be a few weeks before I put that caption up, though; I want to post a few captions about the more immediate aftermath of Patch 19 first.

  2. Yeah ive read patch 19 and this one.Also I find it ironic that my request also had legends in the tittle but hey small world,So yeah i can't wait to see it this series has alot of potential just like AFK(loved that series).also can i get a tinsy wittle mention in that one just saying 😅