Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Happiest Girls in the World

I've attended a trans support group off and on.  It's a nice group, full of good people, though I'm too shy to really reach out and make friends there.

If I went back now, none of them would remember me, would they?  Because, yeah, like Amy in the caption, as a ciswoman, I never had any reason to attend my support group.  And if I tried to tell them my story, I'd have the same experience Amy had.  People would just think I was there to mock them.  Or maybe they'd think I was crazy.  Either way, it wouldn't end well.

Actually, it would be even worse for me than it was for Amy, because I can't even explain to people how I turned into a woman.  I don't even understand it myself.

I love love love that I'm 100% woman now.  But I do miss the camaraderie, the solidarity, that I used to have with my fellow trans people.

Growing up trans can leave deep scars in your psyche.  My psychic scars didn't go away when I woke up as a woman; I'm still carrying around a tons of baggage.  Used to be I could unload some of that baggage by talking about it with other trans people, or with my cis allies.  But what do I do with it all now?


  1. Hi swapgirl i khow this is late but there a caption you can trade\work with there name is a shifter captions here a link i hope in the future you can work together.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. :) Unfortunately, I don't know that my style would mesh well with this person's blog; the captions on A Shifter's blog are well-written, but they're a lot more explicit than mine. I tend to shy away from explicit material.

      I'm always happy to discover a new caption blog, though, and I hadn't heard of this one. So thanks for the heads up. :)