Friday, September 30, 2016

The Stepford Transformation 27 and 28

These caps are a bit rough, but I haven't had a chance to rework them, so I'm just going to post them as is.  They're legible; the layout is just weird, as I hadn't figured out how best to lay a caption out when I made these.  I guess it's a glimpse into how my style has evolved in the months I've been writing captions...

There's also a pretty significant typo in the first cap.  Oops.

This is the next-to-last entry in The Stepford Transformation; the final caps will go up on Sunday!

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Thursday, September 29, 2016


I write from experience here.  Before my transformation, I had a fraught relationship with mirrors.  I looked in them as little as possible.  Like Bill here, I tended to keep my head down in restrooms, afraid to see my reflection even in passing.  Seeing my reflection was disorienting, jarring, often upsetting.

I  don't think it's uncommon for trans people to avoid mirrors before transition.  I have a friend, a transman, who took down all the mirrors in his house a couple of years ago, and I've heard anecdotes from other trans people who avoid looking in the mirror.  There's an episode of Transparent, in fact, titled "Why Do We Cover the Mirrors?"; the title is a reference to Jewish mourning practices, but I think it also draws on this difficult relationship trans people have with the mirror.

I think a cis person who became a member of the opposite sex would have a difficult time with mirrors, too.  It's not something we explore often in TG fiction, but I want to at least put the idea out there.

(Of course, I quite like looking in the mirror now.  Uh, not in a vain way, but in a "Hey, that's me!" kind of way.  It's nice, not being at war with my reflection.)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Stepford Transformation 25 and 26

Caps beneath the cut.

Diary - When I Was Six

I feel weird about putting a picture of a child in this blog.  Granted, it's a picture of me as a child, but it's still a picture of a child.

But there are points here I need to make.  If you're going to understand me, and if you're going to understand trans people in general, you need to know how deep the roots of my gender disconnect run, how early my dysphoria developed.

Until a couple of months ago, I was still on the wrong side of the playground.  Now I'm on the proper side.  But I still have a ton of issues to work out.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Saint Robby

I'm surprised I haven't written more Genderwave caps; it's one of my favorite universes.  It can be a difficult universe to write in, though, as I discovered when I tried to write a Genderwave stories several years ago; there's a lot of tricky logic to work out with the reality change aspect of the universe.

Incidentally, this caption deviates in at least two ways from Genderwave canon.  One, as I recall,the Genderwave hits around midday, not in the evening.  And two, see that Bob Marley poster in the background?  Bob Marley should actually be a woman.  Because, although he is deceased, the mothers of his children are not, and the rules for the Genderwave universe stipulate that, when a couple has had a child, and one half of the couple has passed away but the other half has not, both halves of the couple change sex.  Because the mothers of Bob Marley's children are alive, they become men; and because they're men, Bob Marley had to be a woman, because someone had to be able to give birth to his children.

When I say there's some difficult logic to work out when you're writing a Genderwave story, that's the kind of thing I'm talking about.  It's still a fun universe, though. :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

No Angel

Here's a proper introduction to angelkin, one of the playable races in Legends of the Dark Tower.  I'll put up a set of caps to introduce demonkin on Friday. 

If you're familiar with Dungeons & Dragons, angelkin and demonkin are basically like aasimar and tieflings; they're what you get when an angel or demon reproduces with a human.  It's a fun idea to work with... but honestly, I mainly wrote these races into the LotDT lore because there's a bunch of cool cosplay out there that fits the concept, especially for demonkin. :)

Diary - This Imperfect Life

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Stepford Transformation 15 and 16

Generally speaking, my approach to names and pronouns in TG fiction follows the same guidelines preferred by the trans community: pronouns reflect a character's gender identity, and I use the name the character identifies with.

In a standard MtF transformation, this means I refer to the character with male pronouns.  But if, like me, the character identified as the opposite sex pre-transformation, I'll use female pronouns.  I used female pronouns in 437 Years Later because, after living 437 years in a body of the opposite sex, it seems reasonable to assume that a character's sense of his/her gender would shift.  Mental changes may lead to female pronouns, as well.

Dennis's latest set of changes to Andrea included a change to her gender identity.  She now identifies as a woman just as much as I do.  Just as much as Stephanie still does.  So I'll use the name "Andrea" and female pronouns to refer to her from now on.

Of course, that may or may not change, depending on how the story develops.  No spoilers in that regard.

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Beat the Heat 17

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Friday, September 16, 2016

The Stepford Transformation 13 and 14

A lot of the caps in the latter parts of this series are animated.  In retrospect, I don't really like mixing animated and still captions in the same series... plus, I'm reworking all these captions for improved readability, and it's much more time-consuming to edit animated captions.  But... oh well.  I wrote this series three, maybe four months ago... I was young and stupid then.

Captions are after the cut.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

98% Effective

Diary - Identity Death

Sometimes it's hard to come up with an appropriate picture for these diary caps.  With other captions, I just find a picture that matches the story I'm telling, but there's no story in a lot of these diary caps.  Just an idea.  How do you something concept as abstract as identity death?

If you're me, apparently you just throw in a random selfie that has nothing to do with the text.

(Fortunately, I've taken a lot of selfies since my transformation...)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Those Who Do Not Learn History

The next part of The Stepford Transformation is on hold until tomorrow; I've had a stressful day, and I haven't had a chance to reformat the next couple of caps yet.  Instead, here's this.

Beat the Heat 16

Huh.  I meant to post this yesterday morning, but apparently I forgot.  Oh well... here you go.

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

437 Years Later

I think it's time to give you guys a glimpse of the ultimate fate of the Legends of the Dark Tower universe..

Legends of the Dark Tower turned into a much bigger idea than I'd ever intended it to be when I wrote Patch 19.  As I wrote a few more caps in the universe, I decided I needed to write a sort of epilogue, a flash forward to see what became of the players many years in the future, once they'd had a chance to settle into their new world.  In particular, I wanted to show that the effects of Patch 19 were permanent, and that the players of LotDT were trapped in Arlayne for good.  This is that epilogue.

Which is not to say that I'm done writing LotDT caps; far from it.  I have a ton of ideas for this universe, and in fact I have a lengthy LotDT series in the works.  This is only an epilogue in a temporal sense; it's far from the end of the story.

Tip of the hat to Contant Payne, who suggested I use Jessica Nigri's cosplay for a cap.  Cosplay is a wonderful gift for cappers; it makes it possible to tell stories like this one, set in science fiction and fantasy settings.  There's lots and lots of cosplay on the interwebs, which means there's lots and lots of material for LotDT caps.

By the way, I take no official position on whether Idhrenelle is correct about the nature of Patch 19; hers is just one theory among many.  It seems like a reasonable theory to me, and a natural one for her to come to, given her experiences and her position in the world of Arlayne.  But I'm intentionally leaving Patch 19, its nature and the motivations behind it, as a mystery.  I think it's more interesting that way.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Roaring Twenties

That got very dark very fast.

I love flappers and I love The Great Gatsby, so I've wanted to do a Chrono Corps cap with pictures from one of the movie versions of The Great Gatsby for a while.  But it took me a while to find a story.  But really, the elephant in the room for any time travel story involving this era in history had to be the myriad horrors of the 1930s and 1940s, right?

This is a question any time travel story has to address at some point.  If you have the power to change history, why squander it on saving obscure Medieval princesses or stopping corporate fraud or preventing some rich brothers from killing each other over an inheritance?  Why not tackle the numerous global catastrophes of the last century?

The answer is, the Chrono Corps focuses on low-hanging fruit.  Simple, achievable missions.  In the case of Long Live the Queen, for example, the CC is able to prevent a war simply by preventing the assassination of one woman.  Save the cheerleader, save the world.  But not all historical catastrophes are so easy to prevent.  Preventing World War 2 and the Holocaust probably wouldn't be as easy as killing Hitler.

We'll be seeing Eric again, by the way.  Thankfully, the circumstances will be less depressing next time.

Diary - Capping While Ace

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Stepford Transformation 1 and 2

Here's my new series, The Stepford Transformation.  This is actually the very first series I wrote, even before Long Live the Queen; I posted Long Live the Queen first as a way to launch my Chrono Corps universe, but this is the older series.  As such, it may be a bit rough in places, though I'm going through and attempting to smooth it out before I put it up.

This digs pretty deep into the concept of the Master PC software.  It should not be considered canon within that universe, and in fact it may contradict the established canon for the Master PC.  This is my own take on the concept, designed to suit the very particular story I'm telling in this series, and as such, the additional "lore" I've developed for the Master PC software should be considered contained to this particular story.

All right, enough disclaimers.  Hope you all enjoy the story!

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Long Live the Queen - Deleted Scene

Woo, it's my hundredth post!  Here's something fun to celebrate:

This should not be considered "canon" as such.  I was just amused by the idea that there was this third agent hanging around in the background of Long Live the Queen who we never heard about, because Dave and Maria were too obsessed with each other to notice. :)

And his assessment of Dave and Maria may or may not be fair.  *cough*

I may do this from time to time... throw in a deleted scene from an old series, just to revisit old ideas or explore different possibilities.

If you haven't read Long Live the Queen, or you need to refresh your memory, you can find the entire scene indexed here.