Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Diary - Identity Death

Sometimes it's hard to come up with an appropriate picture for these diary caps.  With other captions, I just find a picture that matches the story I'm telling, but there's no story in a lot of these diary caps.  Just an idea.  How do you something concept as abstract as identity death?

If you're me, apparently you just throw in a random selfie that has nothing to do with the text.

(Fortunately, I've taken a lot of selfies since my transformation...)


  1. SG,

    I don't normally do identity death stories either. (I did one with Eric and posted in on FM: https://www.fictionmania.tv/stories/readhtmlstory.html?storyID=1373504946639028052 )

    I agree it is really the equivalent of death. The body may be alive but everything that made a particular person unique, human, and an individual is gone and replaced by something else. Thus Identity Death for me fits into the "Tragedy" genre.

    The art of story telling revolves around a few key ideas. Drama, conflict, change, and resolution. The character drives the plot, putting the character into situations that are dramatic is crucial and then how the character changes and how the whole thing is resolved give us the sense of a complete story.

    In identity death we have resolution, but the drama, conflict, and growth of the character are gone. The one time I did an "identity death" story I made it agonizingly slow. The character is swapped and then has to wrestle with his new physical body and the situation he's is in. His perspective, emotions, and the way he perceives the world and the way the world sees him has been altered.

    The circumstances and the physical body are more than he can bear and he convinces himself that he always was the person whose body he's wearing.

    Anyway, I've rambled on long enough. lol


  2. I sometimes hate identity death stories.They just feel depressing,most of the time the writer write them because there lazy to do a character arc but when they do they feel half ass.But good examples like yours and shifter where they might look different but there still the same person (Lotdt and inside jessica nigri on shifters end) they feel well like a tg should be