Sunday, September 25, 2016

Saint Robby

I'm surprised I haven't written more Genderwave caps; it's one of my favorite universes.  It can be a difficult universe to write in, though, as I discovered when I tried to write a Genderwave stories several years ago; there's a lot of tricky logic to work out with the reality change aspect of the universe.

Incidentally, this caption deviates in at least two ways from Genderwave canon.  One, as I recall,the Genderwave hits around midday, not in the evening.  And two, see that Bob Marley poster in the background?  Bob Marley should actually be a woman.  Because, although he is deceased, the mothers of his children are not, and the rules for the Genderwave universe stipulate that, when a couple has had a child, and one half of the couple has passed away but the other half has not, both halves of the couple change sex.  Because the mothers of Bob Marley's children are alive, they become men; and because they're men, Bob Marley had to be a woman, because someone had to be able to give birth to his children.

When I say there's some difficult logic to work out when you're writing a Genderwave story, that's the kind of thing I'm talking about.  It's still a fun universe, though. :)

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