Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Stepford Transformation 1 and 2

Here's my new series, The Stepford Transformation.  This is actually the very first series I wrote, even before Long Live the Queen; I posted Long Live the Queen first as a way to launch my Chrono Corps universe, but this is the older series.  As such, it may be a bit rough in places, though I'm going through and attempting to smooth it out before I put it up.

This digs pretty deep into the concept of the Master PC software.  It should not be considered canon within that universe, and in fact it may contradict the established canon for the Master PC.  This is my own take on the concept, designed to suit the very particular story I'm telling in this series, and as such, the additional "lore" I've developed for the Master PC software should be considered contained to this particular story.

All right, enough disclaimers.  Hope you all enjoy the story!

You can follow this and my other series on my series page


  1. I sent you a email about a request i'm not sure if you got it.

  2. I actually don't take requests... sorry. :(

    I explain my reasons here:

  3. Interesting new twist on the Stepford Wives scene. I wonder if Andy will start to change his mind about being a woman, once the conditioning starts. lol


  4. You should do a were-dragon caption that starts with a guy having a threesome with 2 women. One woman would be a were-woman and the other a were-dragon. He gets bit by both during the threesome. He becomes semi-immortal(doesn't age or get sick). He switches between being a female human and a male dragon until he finally becomes pregnant, then he gets stuck as a female dragon until he lays a were-dragon egg. Once the baby is old enough to survive on its own, then guy the guy alternates between being a human male and a dragon female. Again this is until he becomes pregnant as a female dragon, at which point he becomes a human female. Once the baby is through puberty and has come into their were-person powers/curse, the cycle starts again. This cycle goes on and on until he lets himself be killed as a human.