Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Stepford Transformation 15 and 16

Generally speaking, my approach to names and pronouns in TG fiction follows the same guidelines preferred by the trans community: pronouns reflect a character's gender identity, and I use the name the character identifies with.

In a standard MtF transformation, this means I refer to the character with male pronouns.  But if, like me, the character identified as the opposite sex pre-transformation, I'll use female pronouns.  I used female pronouns in 437 Years Later because, after living 437 years in a body of the opposite sex, it seems reasonable to assume that a character's sense of his/her gender would shift.  Mental changes may lead to female pronouns, as well.

Dennis's latest set of changes to Andrea included a change to her gender identity.  She now identifies as a woman just as much as I do.  Just as much as Stephanie still does.  So I'll use the name "Andrea" and female pronouns to refer to her from now on.

Of course, that may or may not change, depending on how the story develops.  No spoilers in that regard.

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