Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dream Maker 3 and 4

As it happens, you can see Eric's performance in One Wild Oat in its entirety here! :)

I love Audrey Hepburn. I know that makes me a cliche, but gosh darn it, I've waited my whole life to be a woman.  I get to be a cliche.

I latched onto Audrey several years ago, shortly after I accepted that I was trans and began pondering what kind of woman I wanted to be.  Like me, Audrey was a tall, softspoken, brown-eyed brunette.  I wanted to be a graceful, feminine woman, and Audrey was the epitome of grace.  I knew I could never look like Audrey, but she was an appealing ideal to reach toward.

I still look to her a little bit, now that I've actually become a woman.  I've developed my own sense of style over the years, though, and my own sense of who I am as a woman, so I no longer need role models like Audrey the way I once did.  My affection for Miss Hepburn, however, remains.

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