Monday, October 10, 2016

Dream Maker 7 and 8

In these captions, I touch on an aspect of the Chrono Corps universe that troubles me.  The time travel technology the Chrono Corps uses requires agents to hijack the bodies of people in the past and manipulate their lives to the Corps's own ends.  You can make an argument about the ends justifying the means, but how far does that extend?

As of these caps, Eric has spent about three years in Audrey's life.  He's made some incredibly important decisions for her; he's determined the direction of the rest of her life; and he's stolen a big chunk of her youth.  And now he's accepted a proposal on her behalf.  Eric is crafting a good life for Audrey, but what if it isn't the life she wanted to live?  What right does Eric, or does the Corps, have to make these decisions for her?

Sometimes I think I think too much about the moral implications of TG fiction.  I can't not think of these things, though.

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