Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dream Maker 9 and 10

I rewatched Roman Holiday before writing these caps.  I'd forgotten how good it was.

I'm not sure how clear this is, but one of the ideas I've been playing with in my Chrono Corps captions is that the world that we live in.  In multiple captions, I've dropped hints that history was different before the Chrono Corps got their hands on it, and that certain historical events are the result of their actions.  So the Audrey Hepburn we're familiar with, for example, is the Audrey Hepburn who was created as a result of Eric's mission.  Before Eric, she was a nobody, a failure as a dancer who had retired into obscurity.

Of course, one could argue that the CC have failed, that the world we're living in isn't all that great... but jeeze, can you imagine how much worse it must have been before they started changing history of the better?

By the way, you can watch Eric's screen test here.

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  1. A beautiful addition to an amazing series.
    Thanks for all of our hard work, . . . and proof reading