Monday, October 17, 2016

On Protesting Too Much

I've always been curious what draws men to play as female characters in MMORPGs.  Steve's reasoning here by far the most common explanation I've seen in the many message board threads on this topic.  It feels a little like guys who say this are overcompensating, like they're reaching for the most straight-sounding explanation for why they play as female characters.

I think cross-gender playing is a lot less of a taboo than it used to be.  It's so commonplace, at least within my social circle, that no one even comments on it anymore.  I'd say around half of my male gamer friends have at least one female character.

Man, I miss those guys.  I don't know them in this reality.  One of the relatively few things I dislike about my transformation is that I've lost some of my friends.  But the things I've gained outweight by far the things I've lost.


  1. In today's games, the female voice actor is also a draw over the male's. I would never play a male Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect games when the female voice is so much better. I will agree about the stigma of men playing female characters seems to be decreasing. I think the main cause is voice communication in-game. After a few times of hearing a male voice associated with a female character in-game, the shock wears off.

  2. Wow - too funny. I love the reluctant transformation, and the full circle affect of admiring his new body in light of his womanizing ways. Well done.