Thursday, November 24, 2016

Not a Bimbo

My least favorite trope in the TG fiction community is the "bimbo" trope.  I hate it.  Hate it.  Haaaaaate it.  The feminist in me cringes at the awful assumptions about women that underlie the whole concept of "bimbos".  The idea that a male character would become less intelligent because he's turned into a woman is deeply insulting.

So here's my deconstruction of the trope.


  1. Thank god somebody notices that damm trope when people use it to quickly end the story i fricking hate that "oh,your woman so you should be a bimbo instantly" and that why i love you for deconstructing over used tropes and use some tropes but also make your own to not make stories clique but make them sad,fun,comedic and awesome and that's why swapgirl your my favorite captioner

  2. I'm happy to say that i never used bimbo trope in my caps but you've pull out an issue: I see may caps when the new women behave like sluts

  3. I really enjoy the way you use your captions to address social, moral, ethical, and gender issues. Not many people take these things on, instead they just try to entertain.


  4. Clever idea. I'm sure many men, put in the bodies of women, would become feminists and fight for their rights :)