Monday, November 14, 2016

Refuge 1

Trying a slightly different narrative approach than usual this time around.

Also... I think we tend to underestimate how difficult it would really be for the brain to adapt to a new body. This is something I touched on in my first caption for Long Live the Queen as well.  The brain has a built-in sense of how its body should be laid out; this neurological "body map" is flexible (for instance, it can adapt to the gradual process of growing from infancy to adulthood), but only to a point.

When one's body map and one's actual body are misaligned, it can lead to disorientation, psychological distress, even pain.  That seems to be what underlies conditions like phantom limb syndrome and body integrity identity disorder, and even, to some extent, gender dysphoria.  Neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran has done some really interesting work in this area.

I think it would actually take a long time for most people to adapt to their new bodies if they found themselves in bodies of the opposite sex, because it would take time for the brain's map of the body to rewire itself.  I certainly think it would take longer than 15-30 minutes.  To some extent, I don't think the conflict between the brain and body would ever resolve itself, and people would likely experience some degree of bodily dysphoria for the rest of their lives.

I knowingly overlook and/or downplay this aspect of gender transformation in most of my captions, because having a character lie in bed for days on end while their brain tries to figure out where their legs are does not make for a gripping story.  But since the Chrono Corps universe is mine, I've opted to at least touch on it.

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  1. Cool story, I wonder what caused the "fire" in his veins?


  2. Why send him that far back?