Sunday, November 13, 2016

The List

I don't get the obsession some TG writers have with Hooters.  I mean, I do get it... but I really don't get it.

Like, do people really go there?  I mean, I've seen Hooters restaurants around town, so presumably someone goes there.  It just seems like a really old-fashioned reference.


  1. their food is all right, like the wings and such. They have all the sports games on as well so on a NFL sunday it's not the worst place to be. I'd guess it's because of the outfits. A place like Buffalo Wild Wings their waitresses wear tight shirts so really other then the shorts it's not much of a difference then most places

  2. This caption doesn't work for me. The wife wants to teach her husband a lesson. That's a standard plot theme. Force him to experience life as a woman. No problem. Yet, she's still married to him. You gave me no reason to think she hates him. Hates him enough to destroy him. Because forcing him into prostitution is like making him submit to being raped . . . for a month. He'll never recover from that. If he gets his male body back she needs to be prepared for him to be violent.

    1. Rape is horrible and I don't know many women who'd force that on their worst enemy. Much less someone they love. Just to teach them a lesson? This could work, but you have to give me (the reader) a reason why something so extreme justified. Making sexist statements or jokes isn't enough.

    2. Having sex outside of marriage is something most women would never force on their mate. Now she's just putting him out there for other people to screw? Again, the reader needs to know why she's doing something so out of chacter for a spouse.

    3. You didn't do any character development - Does he hate the idea of being raped so much he takes a knife and cuts off the finger with the ring? Now he's a man . . . missing a finger, but he doesn't have to prostitute himself.

    I love you captions. You know I do. This one felt off.


    1. You're right. I hadn't thought of this as rape, but it is, really... he's being forced into sex without his consent, which is by definition rape.

      I developed this caption by working backwards from the picture; I knew there was a story here, and the first story I came up with was the one I told in the caption. I wasn't completely happy with it, though I couldn't quite place why.

      I touched on stripping and prostitution here, two topics I'm not particularly comfortable with. I may continue to avoid them in the future unless I have something interesting to say about them... there are enough other writers who write about men becoming strippers and prostitutes. That's not who I am as a TG writer.

      I still like this picture, but I think I should have taken more time to find the proper story for it. And I still think there's potential in the idea of a sexist character being forced, methodically, to confront his beliefs about gender, but I think I should have handled it differently... perhaps as a series, where I would have had more space to develop the characters and explore the idea.

      Thanks for being honest with me. I like knowing what I'm doing right, but it's also good to know when something I'm doing isn't working, because that way I can hopefully do better in the future.

    2. Swap Girl,

      I hope I wasn't too harsh. I think that instead of ending it with prostitution she could have said that he has to "accept" being a woman before he can be a man, again. And that means he has to seduce Elizabeth. (Assuming she can use the ring to become a man) He has to use every feminine trick to seduce her, accepting the role of wife, lover, and mate. That gets you past rape part because he's doing the seducing. It also keeps the sex in the marriage.

      With the picture you can show the internal conflict . . . is he ready to fully accept his new status? Can he be a woman? Can he seduce his wife? Lots of conflict and not quite as dramatic.

      lol - Just my two cents.