Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Office Politics

This, of course, contradicts the ending of Final Girl, in which the characters who die are just booted back safely to reality.  The Magic Remote, as far as I can tell, is more a trope than a universe, which means the rules are somewhat flexible.  Personally, as a storyteller, I prefer this set of rules; the stakes are higher if characters who use the Magic Remote can permanently die.


  1. lol - I like how you made this a confessional. I agree the stakes are higher if you die in the show means you die in real life. Yet, if I were designing a "magic remote" that let me enter the body of a character from a show in an alternate universe, I'd want the rules to be; if I die I just pop back into my real body.

    That would make it much more fun. Still I see your point. You're version adds a consequence and that builds the drama.


  2. Well character knowledge is hard to get right, given that as a writer you're omniscient. Just because there's no rush doesn't mean Gary knows that.

  3. Pleeease do a sequal to this. I love Jason not loving his situation, and I love Jenna Fischer