Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Subject Twenty-Four 14

There must be a whole backstory behind the Doctor's neighborhood/compound that explains who built it, why they built it so far from the city, why it was abandoned, and how the Doctor was able to buy out the entire place.

...but you won't get it here.  Just assume that some real estate company decided there was a market for a neighborhood way way out in the countryside; when they found out there was no such market, they were desperate to sell the houses off at any price, and the Doctor came in and swooped them up with donations from his followers.

I doubt anyone really cares.  I just needed a way to explain how no one noticed this whole action movie taking place in a suburban neighborhood.  Elaborating on how the neighborhood came to be would be a big, boring, needless distraction from the plot, character development, and gender-changing shenanigans.  Sometimes plot holes are better left unfilled.

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  1. And the plot takes another twisted turn . . . lol