Friday, January 27, 2017

Breaking News 8

The movie here is Fool's Gold.  I haven't seen it personally, but apparently it's pretty terrible.

Thanks go to Refinery29 and Mashable for their lists of the worst romantic comedies of all time.  They were very useful for this series. :)

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Going Full-Time

As a teenager, and on into college, I thought of myself as a crossdresser.  In addition to lurking on transformation-themed sites like Fictionmania, I occasionally visited crossdressing sites.  I couldn't really identify with the crossdressers I found online, though.. their motives, their experiences, their understanding of their crossdressing, did not match mine.  And as compelled as I was to wear women's clothing, when I did dress as a woman, I didn't feel the pleasure, or the release, or the arousal, or the calmness, that I expected to feel.  It puzzled me.

At last I discovered a community of transsexual people online, and I found that I could fully identify with their feelings and experiences, which were very different from those of the crossdressers I'd come across.  That was when I realized that I was transsexual, not a crossdresser, and that being transsxual and being a crossdresser were two very different things.

Women's clothing is fun, and it's a nice way to express myself, and it helps me feel more feminine.  But I didn't just want to wear women's clothing before my transformation.  I wanted to be a woman.

Also, twirling around in a flowy skirt is delightful. :)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Breaking News 5

One of the interesting things about posting a caption series is seeing people ask questions and speculate about what is to come. With the exception of Beat the Heat, I write my series in full before I post the first part, though I usually proofread my captions, and occasionally make minor tweaks, just before I post each caption.  Knowing as I do what's coming, it's interesting to see what other people think about how the story might play out.

Take this caption, for example.  I got a couple of comments on part 3 asking if, when Chris returned to his body, he would do so at the moment he used the Magic Remote, or if the four years he was in Rebecca's body would still have passed.  And I smiled, knowing that you guys would get your answer soon, and that this issue of when Chris will be returned to his body is an important one.

You guys are smart.  You're asking the right questions. :)

Also... I've finally updated the Library with this series... hooray!

Sadly, though, there are no dragons in this series.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Breaking News 3

Fun fact: this is my second Magic Remote series featuring Alyson Hannigan as a supporting character!

Okay, maybe that's not all that fun.  But it's a fact, at least.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Breaking News 2

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Diary - Subject, Object

Since a few people have asked...

Nothing much came of my night out last weekend.  I had a good time with my friends, flirted with a few guys, got some practice, worked up some courage... but I didn't really meet anyone that I clicked with.  Still, it was a good experience.

I went out again last night, though, and... I did meet a couple of interesting guys.  So I rolled the dice and gave out my contact information.  It was scary, but... well, I'm trying to be brave.

We'll see where it goes.  Updates as warranted. :)

Friday, January 13, 2017

Breaking News 1

Subject Twenty-Four was a harrowing series.  I think you guys deserve a break before I jump into my next big series, which, while not as intense as Subject Twenty-Four, is very long and full of perils of its own.  So I offer Breaking News as a kind of palate cleanser.  It's lighter fare than either Subject Twenty-Four or my next series, but I think it still explores an interesting scenario.

The genesis for this series is pretty straightforward: I wanted to explore what would happen if someone used the Magic Remote to become not a fictional character, but a real person.  It also delves a little bit into the idea of possession in general.  There's awkwardness aplenty in this series, but no real danger.

Breaking News is a 16-part series, meaning it should take about a month to post.  I hope you all enjoy it. :)

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Thursday, January 12, 2017


In some FemVirus caps, the virus seems to be incurable; in others, sleeping with a certain number of men will cure it.  I've tried to kind of accommodate both versions here.

Camps for troubled teens are apparently a thing, by the way... and they sound horrible.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Subject Twenty-Four 24

Matt, in spite of everything, gets a happy ending after all.

This wraps up Subject Twenty-Four.  It's been a rough ride, but I hope everyone's enjoyed reading it.  I enjoyed writing it. :)

On Friday, I'll begin my next series, Breaking News, about a character who accidentally uses the Magic Remote to become a TV reporter.  See you then. :)

Actually, I guess I'll see you when I put up my next standalone cap tomorrow.  But you know what I mean.

Actually, I guess I won't see you at all, but...

...never mind.

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Beat the Heat 28

Makeup is hard work.  I wore makeup a few times before my transformation, so I was already aware of that fact; but it's been driven home in particular since my transformation, now that I'm applying it on a much more regular basis.

Fortunately I don't need to wear as much makeup, or need to apply it perfectly, as I did when I was covering up a beard line.  I've gotten it down to about 20 minutes, but that's still a big chunk of time.  It doesn't help that I've developed arthritis over the last couple of years... something that, sadly, followed me to my new body.

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Subject Twenty-Four 23

The penultimate chapter.  Subject Twenty-Four wraps up on Wednesday.

Matt is by his nature a peaceful man, but the events of the last few months of his life have driven him, uncharacteristically, to violence, and he's come to hate himself for it.  But here he's found a nonlethal and relatively nonviolent solution to a confrontation with the Doctor.  And he's chosen to leave the Doctor alive.  This is the beginning of his rehabilitation.

After I wrote this caption, I went back through the series and layered in some references to Matt's struggles, early on, with moving around in his new body, and particularly with adapting to his new lower center of gravity.  As I've written elsewhere, it's difficult to learn to move in a new body.  (It's been a bit easier for me, because my brain is wired for a woman's body, but even I struggled a little.)  Ultimately, it's learning to live in Anna's body that has allowed him to defeat the Doctor.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What's Wrong?

One of my readers requested a caption with a guy in Cameron Diaz's body.  I still don't take requests, for reasons I've explained elsewhere... but I happened to have this caption in my stockpile of captions I've made but haven't had a chance to post yet, so I might as well put it up. :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Subject Twenty-Four 20

One of our most destructive impulses as a species is our desire for revenge.  Seeking revenge doesn't undo harm; it only causes further harm.  If your brother is killed,killing his killer doesn't end your grief or bring your brother back to life.  It just creates more grief, more anger, and, in many case, a desire for revenge on the other side.  Revenge all too often begets revenge; people, groups, entire cultures can get trapped in escalating cycles of revenge that can ultimately lead to war, even genocide.

I can't exactly say that what Matt has done is wrong.  The Doctor was, in essence, a mass murderer; 22 people had died in the Doctor's experiments before Matt and Anna were swapped, and more have died since.  More people would have continued to die until the Doctor felt he had perfected his body-swapping process.  And then a number of people would have been swapped out of their healthy bodies and into terminally ill bodies.  By killing the Doctor, Matt has likely saved many lives.

But Matt's actions weren't driven by a desire to save people's lives.  He was driven by anger and a desire for revenge.  And right or wrong, Matt's quest for vengeance has done deep damage to his psyche.

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Monday, January 2, 2017

Whispers in the Wood

I love dryads.  I love forests and I love fairy-type creatures, so really, it's not that surprising I would be drawn to dryads.

Incidentally, trees actually can "communicate" with each other, in a way, through networks of fungi called mycorrhizal networks.  They use these networks to share resources and respond to threats.  I assume that Paul and Anne are using such a network to communicate with each other.

Forests are much more complicated places than we give them credit for.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Subject Twenty-Four 19

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Diary - New Year's Eve

Some context, for those of you who haven't read my blog for long.

I'm asexual.  Or I was before my transformation, anyway.  I never felt much sexual attraction to anyone, male or female, and I never bothered with dating.  That's an odd concept to some of you, I'm sure, but I'm certainly not the only asexual in the world.  The same way straight people aren't attracted to their own sex, and gay and lesbian people aren't attracted to the opposite sex, asexual people aren't attracted to anyone of any sex... it's as simple as that, really.

I wrote about my asexuality a few months ago; you can read about it here, if you're interested.  And here you can read my thoughts on how being asexual has shaped the sort of captions I write.

I think my asexuality was largely rooted in my issues with my old body.  Now that I have the proper body, I've started to feel the faintest stirrings of sexual desire, toward both women and men.  These are very new, very confusing feelings for me, and it's taking me time to sort them out.  But I've figured out that... I do want to try dating.  And I do want to try sex.

But it's a scary thing, because it's something I've never done, something I've never even thought much about.  Beginning to date in your mid-30s... that's strange, right?  So it's intimidating.  And I'm not great at doing things that intimidate me.

It's not something I can really talk to my friends about, because, as far as they're concerned, I'm a straight woman with a healthy sex drive and a long romantic history.  I was never asexual in this reality.  They'll think I'm going on my first date in a few months, not my first ever.

So, since I can't confide in them, I'll confide in you instead.