Friday, January 13, 2017

Breaking News 1

Subject Twenty-Four was a harrowing series.  I think you guys deserve a break before I jump into my next big series, which, while not as intense as Subject Twenty-Four, is very long and full of perils of its own.  So I offer Breaking News as a kind of palate cleanser.  It's lighter fare than either Subject Twenty-Four or my next series, but I think it still explores an interesting scenario.

The genesis for this series is pretty straightforward: I wanted to explore what would happen if someone used the Magic Remote to become not a fictional character, but a real person.  It also delves a little bit into the idea of possession in general.  There's awkwardness aplenty in this series, but no real danger.

Breaking News is a 16-part series, meaning it should take about a month to post.  I hope you all enjoy it. :)

You can follow this and my other series on my series page.

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  1. Cool new twist on the magic remote!