Saturday, January 28, 2017

Checking on His Sister

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  1. "... But, until then, he was here his sister's desirable and sexy body. So, Mark quickly weighed his options, it was best to just keep doing what Leila had been doing before he took-over. {If the is how my sister earns extra cash for investing,} thought Mark as he let his sister's booty bounce to the music, {or making-end-s-meet...} A bizarrely familiar, yet foreign sensation filled Leila's body, {Wait! Don't think of it like that, Mark! This body seems to be reacting with arousal whenever I look at that white nerd. Who knew!?} ..."

    Hello, Swap Girl!
    I like the captions of yours that I've read thus far. And, I know they say the sincerest for of flattery is imitation, but the way I try to shower other captioneers with adoration is to share what they've inspired in my imagination, by way of of an 'epELLEogue' in the comments. So, I hope you don't mind terribly that I have done such with your creation here. (if you'd rather I not comment in this fashion, just let me know and I'll try to remember to refrain from doing so in the future.)