Monday, January 9, 2017

Subject Twenty-Four 23

The penultimate chapter.  Subject Twenty-Four wraps up on Wednesday.

Matt is by his nature a peaceful man, but the events of the last few months of his life have driven him, uncharacteristically, to violence, and he's come to hate himself for it.  But here he's found a nonlethal and relatively nonviolent solution to a confrontation with the Doctor.  And he's chosen to leave the Doctor alive.  This is the beginning of his rehabilitation.

After I wrote this caption, I went back through the series and layered in some references to Matt's struggles, early on, with moving around in his new body, and particularly with adapting to his new lower center of gravity.  As I've written elsewhere, it's difficult to learn to move in a new body.  (It's been a bit easier for me, because my brain is wired for a woman's body, but even I struggled a little.)  Ultimately, it's learning to live in Anna's body that has allowed him to defeat the Doctor.

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  1. It looks like Matt is growing and changing again. That's good. Yet a part of me wonders at the wisdom of leaving the Doctor unguarded and free to escape.