Saturday, March 11, 2017


Where the Genderwave universe gets tricky to write about, for me at least, is when dealing with jobs and activities that are very gender-specific.  Like, take Claire here.  As Ricky, she was a construction worker, which is an overwhelmingly male-dominated career field.  In the gender-flipped reality created by the Genderwave, are most construction workers women?  Or do a bunch of former women get shifted into construction jobs at random, while the former men who used to be construction workers get bumped into their jobs?  And what about professional sports?  I guess you could have players from the NBA and the WNBA switch places, but what about something like football?  I like the Genderwave universe, but it's not the easiest universe to work with.

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  1. A truly beautiful caption. Thanks so much for sharing it.