Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Master PC App

Clicky for an animated caption:

Because it's 2017... there has to be an app for that, right?

Just a little personal tweak to the Master PC universe.  The rules are the same as in the vanilla Master PC universe; I've just added the option of using an app rather than PC software, because it expands the number of stories I can tell and images I can use.

I don't like how blurry my GIFs always look, so I tried some stuff with this caption to address the problem.  I managed to get the image/video portion of this caption to look pretty good... but in the process, the text became much harder to read.  Because the text of my captions is ultimately more important than the images, I've uploaded the original version of this caption, without adjustments.

(The problem, apparently, is that GIFs can only include 256 colors.  Adjusting the palette the GIF uses makes the image look better, but it makes the text harder to read.  Pretty lousy tradeoff...)

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