Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Noob 19

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  1. This scene is just too funny! lol - Although, I wonder, are they still level three? I mean they've been there for months and had to find their way to Greywall. Just wondering.


    1. One of the rules for this universe--and maybe I haven't made it clear enough--is that players don't level up after Patch 19. Levelling up is an artificial construct games use as a stand-in for more the more organic learning process that exists in real life; in the real world, people don't suddenly become more knowledgeable/skillful/athletic exactly 150 times in their lives. So my rule is that, when the players enter Arlayne, they have the physical attributes and skill set that their characters had before they entered the world, but they have to learn any further skills the old-fashioned way, through training and experience. It's not the easiest idea to convey; maybe it's worth writing a separate caption to explain it.