Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Noob 26

I liked Alicia.  I especially liked her relationship with Evan; the conversations between the two of them were some of my favorite scenes to write in this series.  But her part in this story is over.  This isn't a story about Evan and Paul and Alicia; it's a story about Evan and Paul.

Plus, you know, I ran out of appropriate pictures of Manu Bennett.

I think it's important, too, to touch on the idea of death in a story like this.  Legends of the Dark Tower universe is about learning to live in a fantasy world; death is a part of that.  And it's important, too, to acknowledge that, while resurrection is easy and automatic in a game like Legends of the Dark Tower, it might not be so easy once the game has turned real.  The stakes are too low if death is temporary.

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  1. You know, in these games the player never knows how much time passes between death and resurrection. Well written.