Saturday, May 6, 2017

Humans of the Great Shift - Danny

Over the last few weeks, the writer of TG Swapping Caps has posted a series of captions called "Humans of the Great Shift", based on the blog "Humans of New York."  I love this idea, and I kind of wish I'd thought of it myself.  The writer of TG Swapping Caps suggested other bloggers try the idea out... so I'm doing just that.  :)

The idea is pretty straightforward: post a picture of a person and a brief quote from that person telling their story.  "Humans of New York" uses people on the streets of New York City as its subject; "Humans of the Great Shift," naturally, features victims of the Great Shift.  I've always liked "Humans of New York," and I think it's a brilliant idea to adapt it to the Great Shift universe.

These caps will serve another important purpose for me.  The blurbs that accompany the photographs in "Humans of New York" are fairly brief; so "Humans of the Great Shift" caption should be faster and easier for me to write than the lengthy narrative captions I usually make.  As I wrote earlier today, I'm struggling to keep up with all the writing I need to do for my blog; hopefully, mixing some "Humans of the Great Shift" captions into my blog will give me the space I need and keep me from having to take a break.

These "Humans of the Great Shift" captions are likely to become a regular feature of this blog, so hopefully you guys like them. :)

Thanks to TG Swapping Caps for the idea!

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  1. Sadly, I don't like the Great Shift at all because the bodyswap lacks ANY originality, any real story.
    It just happens and where is fun in that? No plots, no greed causing being stuck, no experimentation.