Friday, June 16, 2017

Diary - Home

 My normal caption schedule resumes tomorrow.  Be sure it stop by on Sunday for the start of a three-part epilogue to The Noob. :)

By the way, I went to that play last night, the one that local actress invited me to.  At the end of the play, while she and her castmates were taking their bows, she announced I was in the audience and invited me to come up onstage, which I reluctantly did.  She hadn't told her costars about me, so they were pleasantly surprised.  I felt extremely awkward and self-conscious being onstage and having the audience cheer for me... but I also kind of enjoyed it.  It reminded me of my high school drama classes, and the play I was in back in middle school.

I'd forgotten how much I love the SOUND of walking across a stage.  There's a certain way your footsteps resonate that I like.  Granted, last night was the first time I've ever walked on a stage in heels... but it still brought me back to when I would hang out in the multipurpose room in high school and practice scenes.  Nice warm memories.

I spent some time after the show signing autographs and taking pictures with people in the audience, and then, as promised, I went backstage and met the cast.  They peppered me with questions I really wasn't prepared to answer, about what it's like being an actress in TV shows and movies, about what Courtney Cox and Brad Pitt are like, about how I broke into Hollywood.  I improvised as best I could, but jeeze, I wasn't expecting to have to talk about Jennifer Aniston's career  in so much depth.

They were all trying to make a good impression on me, and some of them gave me their contact information.  I think they want me to try to hook them up with people in Hollywood.  I feel so bad that I can't actually help them.  What if they try to get in touch with the real Jennifer Aniston and find out she doesn't remember ever meeting them?  They'll be crushed...

Okay, now I'm feeling really guilty about last night.

Though, on the other hand... I guess I don't know if any of them actually like me, do I?  They were all warm and sweet and friendly toward me, and I felt at the time like I was making a real connection with them, but maybe they were just trying to use me to advance their careers.

Is this what it's like being a celebrity?  Being swarmed by strangers?  Doubting the sincerity of every person you ever talk to?  Wondering if people like you for you or if they like you because you're famous?  Having to tread lightly around people, because with great fame comes great responsibility?  If so, I absolutely don't want to be a celebrity.

A few of them asked me to go out for drinks, but I was feeling so uncomfortable by that point that I opted against going out with them.  One of them offered to share a bottle of wine he had in his dressing room; I don't drink, so I said no thank you.  So then they started asking me if I'm pregnant, which people apparently love to ask Jennifer Aniston; I said no, that I just had an early morning tomorrow, and I didn't want to get a hangover.

It took me an uncomfortably long time to disentangle myself from them, but I finally got away from them and went back to hide in my hotel room... where I found, of all things, a bottle of wine, along with  a note from the hotel staff saying how excited they were that I was staying at their hotel.  I guess word about me got around.

This probably all sounds a bit negative, but really, I had a good time last night.  It was fun being Jennifer Aniston for a day.  But the lesson I learned, ultimately, is that I wouldn't want to be famous.  I'm happy to be wrapped once more in the cozy blanket of my anonymity.


  1. Loved hearing about your time as Jennifer!

  2. Loved your journey! Hopefully that confidence carries over to your normal life :)

    We are all rooting for your happiness :D