Saturday, June 3, 2017

Diary - Randomizer Day 2

My restlessness and desire for variety and novelty get me in trouble sometimes... but now they could get Jennifer Aniston in trouble too.  Because, like, what if I do something that ruins her reputation?  I mean, it's not like I ever do anything particularly scandalous or controversial... but I've also never had the kind of attention or scrutiny that Jennifer has.  What if there's something weird or terrible or unpleasant I do without realizing it, and no one's ever called me on it because nobody cares what some random Jane Schmoe does, but people care that Jennifer Aniston makes a weird noise when she breathes or chews with her mouth open  or says the word "satrapy" wrong or something, and people take pictures, and it's in all the tabloids, and everyone boycotts Jennifer's movies, and her career falls apart, and she winds up homeless because she's a weird creepy weird-noise-making satrapy-mispronouncing open-mouth-chewer?

This is way, way, way too much pressure.  How do celebrities do this?

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