Friday, June 30, 2017

From the Deeps

This is exciting.  It's my first standalone caption (or set of captions, I suppose) set in my Legends of the Dark Tower universe in months, since before I started posting The Noob.

There's a lot of worldbuilding in this caption.  It builds on some of the concepts I introduced here, having to do with the theology of Arlayne and the sundering of the elves.  It's meant to serve as an introduction to deep elves, similar to what I've done with angelkin and demonkin.  It also teases a few details about dwarves and introduces the Deeps and the Lovecraftian horrors that live there.

While I enjoyed writing and sharing The Noob, the fact that it's over frees me up to post more LotDT captions, which is nice.  I have a lot more ideas for this universe.


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  1. Nice stand alone story. I really do like your spin on this world.