Thursday, June 29, 2017

Man the Barricades 3

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  1. Very good, this could be a very ggod series. I love the idea behind the neural interface. That the agent basically uses his/her victim's brain but loses abiliity to use his own. Excellent!

    One minor nit pick though. Why didn't the agents use bodies of someone from royalist side? They could easily avoid killing Leclair by calling off or sabotaging the attack.

    1. Because that's not the story I wanted to tell, lol. Really, it's as simple as that. The story I wanted to tell requires Will and his partners to be fighting on the barricades. You're right, though... it would have been smarter for the Chrono Corps to have agents possess, say, the king and the general of the French army.

      The idea in this caption is one I've wanted to touch on for a while. As useful as the neural interface is, I think it would be frustrating to lose one's own language skills, and particularly the ability to write.

      Glad you're enjoying it. :)