Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Noob 437 Years Later 2

Naraya and Zaraya were the biggest loose thread from The Noob that I felt I needed to address.  While I would love to write an enormous epic series about the consequences of a war between the goddesses of life and death, it would have been a difficult story to tell through captions... so this will have to do.

You'll have noticed that Evan has adopted female pronouns, by the way.  I used female pronouns for the protagonist of "437 Years Later" as well.  The idea is that, at a certain point, a man would get used to being a female body and adopt an appropriate gender identity.  I actually don't think this is true; personal experience tells me that gender identity is fixed at birth.  But it makes for a good story convention.

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  1. Based on Evan's long life, and her passion for "waking" NPCs the new world must be changing. I wonder, if two awake NPCs were to have children would they be born "awake?" Also the mixing of awake characters . . . would that not start a natural blending of the number of baseline faces? As the complexity grows I'd think this would be more and more like a full new world.


    1. In my head (and since this universe only exists my head, I guess officially, lol), I think children would be born awake if their parents are awake.

      I'd imagined that, when new NPCs are born, their features are drawn from the same pool of random faces as other NPCs... but maybe the faces would blend. That's an interesting question. :)