Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Noob - 437 Years Later 3

Bit of a bummer that Evan and Paul are no longer together, I know... but I have trouble imagining that a couple could stay together for 437 years.  My parents divorced a few years ago, so maybe I'm a bit jaded... but 437 is an almost incomprehensibly long time.  I really do think that, facing immortality, elves would develop the kind of serial monogamy I've described here rather than attempting to marry for life.

But don't worry.  Evan and Paul are still friends. :)

These 437 Years Later captions pose an interesting challenge.  It's hard to imagine how the human psyche would evolve after 450+ years of being alive.

Anyway... I hope everyone enjoyed this little coda to The Noob. :)  Be sure to come back on Saturday for my next series, a Chrono Corps adventure called Man the Barricade!

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  1. Interesting new twist, and totally understandable. That much time . . . the idea of it is daunting.