Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Diary - An Urgent Survey

(tl;dr I've written up some important questions in bold at the bottom of this post.  But, if you're going to answer my questions, please do read the rest of this post so you know why I'm asking them.)

Oh dear.  I've been reading through your comments from yesterday... apparently some of you think I've always looked like a blonde woman.  You don't remember me ever looking like a brunette.  I really started to worry late last night that that might be the case.  Everyone I've talked to so far remembers me as a blonde woman.  Why wouldn't you guys?

Before I can go forward with this blog--or at least with my diary captions--I need to know how you guys remember me.  So I need you guys to answer some questions for me.

At the top of this post, you'll see two pictures side-by-side.  The picture on the left is how I remember myself looking.  I took this picture a few weeks ago, and I used it for the caption where I told you guys my real name.  Unfortunately, while this image still exists on my hard drive, it now shows me as a blonde woman, so I couldn't use the original; I had to crop this image out of the aforementioned caption.  The image on the right, meanwhile, shows me as I look now; I took it just a few minutes ago.

Which of these two women do you remember me looking like?  Do you remember me as the brunette woman on the left or the blonde woman on the right?

If you remember me as a blonde woman, then what do you make of my old diary captions, the ones where I look like a brunette woman?  Do you think I took them down and replaced all the old pictures with some random other woman?  (Oh God, I hope no one accuses me of stealing pictures from Mary Elizabeth Winstead.  I DO NOT LOOK LIKE MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD.)

Maybe there's some kind of perception filter going on.  Maybe, if you remember me as a blonde woman, then you see me as a blonde woman in my old pictures, even when I look at those same pictures and see a brunette woman.  Maybe you're looking at the pictures at the top of this post and thinking, "Wait, don't those both show the same person?  Why is she saying one if them is brunette?"

And, okay, yet another question.  I've talked to some people in real life, and none of them think I look anything like Kristen Bell... even though I totally do, right?  They think I've always looked like I look now, but they don't see any resemblance between me and Kristen Bell.

So... okay.  The questions I need you to answer, I guess.  Do you remember me being blonde or brunette?  If you think I've always been blonde, then I guess the second question would be, do you see the woman on the left as a blonde woman or a brunette woman?  (That gets at the perception filter question.)  And if you see her as a brunette woman... why do you think I replaced the pictures in all my old captions with pictures of a brunette woman?  And for everyone: do you think I look like Kristen Bell?

Sorry... I hope that doesn't sound confrontational.  I just need to understand what you guys remember and what you see so I know how to talk to you moving forward.


  1. I am confused. Perhaps I missed a few captions. I always think of you as a brunette. There is nothing wrong with a woman changing her style, hair color, outlook as the mood strikes.
    As long as you are healthy and happy. . . and I am not sure what you look like. Your choice.

  2. Kristen, why are you so freaked out? You're scaring us. Why did you post two of the same picture of yourself here. And of course you look like Kristen Bell, we always thought you did. You were always a blonde, even in your old captions. And I don't know.

    Please talk to someone or something. This is scary.

  3. Yeah SG what are you going on about here? You contacted me the other day and I couldn't figure out why.