Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Diary - The Woman in the Mirror

I've put that post from last night, the one where I talk about how I remember myself looking, in the links section on the sidebar.  I think it's important reference going forward... for you guys, and quite possibly for me.  I kind of feel like I'm going crazy... hopefully having that post at the ready will keep my grounded.

Also... I'm working on putting together a secondary blog.  I've been flooding you guys with so many posts about my personal life, and I feel guilty about that.  I think it will be useful to have a space where I can talk about this bizarre life of mine from a different perspective.



  1. Hey no worries about the diary entries! You know we care about you!

    Seriously! Anything I can help with lemme know!

  2. Worst things could have happened. You are alive and healthy and Damn cute. Now go to the gym and burn. The not knowing must be a drain. I cannot imagine. So go out and meet someone.