Monday, July 10, 2017

Diary - WTF 7

Hmm... the picture on my library page still shows me, too.

Maybe... maybe it's that everything I've put in this blog has remained unchanged?  My old captions, the picture on my library page, I uploaded all that stuff through Blogger.  But I published my profile picture through Google+; Blogger just pulls it from my Google+ account.  So maybe that's why it's the only thing on my blog that's changed to reflect this new version of reality.

It doesn't explain why my blog is apparently magic.  But it must be a clue of some kind.



  1. What are you talking about Kristen?

    1. Yeah what are you talking about you never were a brunette and if you were(I think you would be hot)but honestly we don't see anything different, I think your crazy