Friday, July 28, 2017

Raiders of the Lost Remote 6

When I first thought of the idea of this series a year ago, I wanted to give each installment of the series a separate name based on the movie it riffed on.  So, instead of the entire series being named Raiders of the Lost Remote, there would be a couple of captions named that, then a couple named"Rick [Whateverhislastnameis] and The Remote of Doom," and a couple named "Rick [DidIgivehimalastnameIdon'tremember] and The Last Remote," etc.  It would have worked well for the sporadic sort of series I was imagining, but it doesn't work as well when I'm releasing the series every other day.  Thus, it's all titled Raiders of the Lost Remote.


You can follow this and my other series on my series page.


  1. I'm interested to see how she will be spending her years, seeing how the movie ends. Hoping you continue to the 4th film.

  2. Interesting new chapter in this story. I wonder if the remote can be set for life?