Sunday, August 6, 2017

What Possessed Her

This is, in part, an exercise in telling a TG possession story without actually explicitly spelling out what's happened.

I'm guessing most of you can read between the lines and figure out what's happened to Becky and why.  I wonder if someone who hasn't read as many TG stories as we all have would be able to figure it out, though.

Storytelling is an accumulative process.  Every story we tell builds on the stories that came before it.  We develop tropes.  We develop shorthand.  We develop cues that only make sense if you're familiar with a particular storytelling culture.  It's very similar to how languages develop.

I don't watch much anime.  I don't really enjoy watching anime, and I have trouble following anime plots.  I think that's true in part because anime has a very particular set of tropes and visual cues that I'm not familiar with because I haven't watched anime.

The same is true here.  When a strange old man gives a young woman a ring, we draw conclusions that people outside of this community might not.

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  1. An interesting story with a nice flow. A welcome change from your other sets and offerings. A good start too. I hope we get to visit with Matt and Becky again soon.