Saturday, February 17, 2018

Diary - Homewrecker

I remember when I took this picture.  It was at a hotel in Wichita.  The guy in the lobby asked me if I was Jennifer Aniston.  I told him no, but that I was flattered that he thought I looked like her.  He asked me two more times, and I told him no both times.  The third time, he just smiled and winked at me.

Two maids knocked on my door that evening to ask if I needed anything.  Some guy came by delivering room service; he said he'd just gotten the room number wrong, but I'm sure he just wanted to meet me.

This kind of thing happened a lot while I was Jennifer.  I would say that I wasn't really her, that I just looked kind of like her, and they wouldn't believe me; they would just assume I was trying to conceal my identity for some reason or another.  Any one of those people might have mentioned meeting me on Twitter or Facebook.  Any one of them might have snapped a surreptitious  photo of me and posted it online.  Any one of those might have come to Justin Theroux's attention.

I don't normally spend much time or energy paying attention to celebrities' personal lives.  I wouldn't normally care about a celebrity breakup.  It's just not something that interests me.  But I absolutely care if I might be responsible for that breakup.

My Randomizer adventure began here, by the way, if you're interested.  You can find the whole thing under the "Randomizer" tag.



  1. She does have amazing legs. I hope you enjoyed your time as her for the most part. Got in some dancing and runway strut.

  2. Whether or not you did, hardly anything you can do about it now. Unless you spontaneously started looking like Jennifer again, there's no real way you can even start to fix anything you did or didn't do, if that makes any sense.