Thursday, April 5, 2018

Dial H for Heroine 69

Some of you may recognize this cosplay as Femshep, the female version of Commander Shepard, the protagonist of the first three Mass Effect caps.  Commander Shepard is customizable, but this is the "official" appearance of Femshep for Mass Effect 3.

My Shepard looked nothing like this.  I tried to make her as close as I could to what I imagined I would have looked like as a woman.  She... didn't look much like me, lol.  But that's understandable.  I was working from my imagination... plus, the customization tools for the Mass Effect games, as with most games, are only so powerful.  Even now that I know exactly what I look like as a woman, I've had trouble recreating myself exactly.  It's been fun to try, though.  :)


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  1. I did the same when I played Mass Effect 2 and 3. Mine was inspired by the Baroness in name and look, an alter ego in some ways of mine. In the end she was kinda like the official FemShep just with black hair.